Think of me as your executive chef. It’s my job to make all the “sous chefs” work together to create a dish and an experience you’ll remember. Harp & Spice brings all the needed elements together to make a unified strong message that will capture your audience and provide results.

Spice up your marketing

Harp & Spice is a marketing and advertising consulting firm. Adding a dash of marketing and advertising. 

Be organic

We tell our clients they don’t need to reinvent themselves, they just need to add a dash of marketing to see their company grow!


My business thrives on the support of local professionals and my passion working one-on-one with a local business to make their vision into an award-winning “dish.”

Adding a dash of marketing and advertising

Project Management

Hire a dependable and detail-oriented project manager to finish the job. Staying on production timeline, coordinating the details, and keeping all parties up to date and moving is how a job gets to the finish line.

Social Media

Talking to your same audience 2-3 times a week will no longer cut through the noise. We upgrade your profiles, produce organic content, and give an over-arching strategy so posting is done with intent and purpose.


Where is your audience investing their time? Research, innovation campaign development and multi-platform campaigns provide measurable results so you can see your dollars finding you new clients.

Event Production

On-site activation produces leads and face-to-face interaction with your target audience.

Website Development

It’s now the first impression, so make a good one

Content Development

Share your story thru words or video that shape your brand